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About Cambodia Christian Ministries

CCM continues the ministry of Jesus by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the poorest of the poor in Cambodia’s remote villages. We share the love of God with those who have never heard the Good News of Jesus and we train believers to teach others about Jesus. We provide medical, optical and dental treatment to thousands of people ever year. We drill water wells to provide safe water where they have none, while at the same time share the Living Water Jesus provides. We also help bless many Cambodia orphans with medical care, food, clothing, and any other needs they have.

Medical Missions

Medical Missions

Jesus ministered both physically and spiritually to people, sharing the good news of the kingdom of God. CCM has adopted Jesus’ two-fold mission of blessing people as its main mode…



CCM never planned to build an orphanage but has a love for orphan children and a commitment to help them when the Lord puts them in our path…

Water Wells

Water Wells

Since February 2015 CCM has been drilling wells and providing safe water in villages. Since most diseases come from polluted water our water well-drilling ministry is extremely important…

Cambodia Bible School

Cambodia Bible School (CBS)

Cambodia Bible School’s purpose is to teach the Bible to new Cambodian Christian converts from Buddhism or Islam. Students are also taught practical ministry…



97% of Cambodia is Buddhist, 1-2% Muslim, and 1% other(Hindu, Christian, etc.). This presents a great challenge for Christian missionaries…