Teaching the Bible to Cambodian Preacher Students

Cambodia Bible School began in September, 2010 in the Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. Its purpose is to teach Bible to new Cambodian Christian converts from Buddhism or Islam. Students are also taught practical ministry. There is no financial cost to the students; however, they must leave their village home and come to the school for the two-year program. Once there, preachers and teachers from the U.S. and other countries travel to Cambodia and teach at CBS for two-three weeks. We also make great use of online video-conferencing. This enables preachers from around the world to teach from their home or office and provides students with several different teachers and classes each week. CBS classes average 15-20 students at a time.

Most of the CBS students return to their villages after graduation to share Jesus and plant churches among their Buddhist and Muslim family and neighbors. CBS brings the alumni back to the school every year for “Leader-Care” to provide ongoing bible teaching and help them with everyday ministry issues.

Additionally, Cambodia Christian Ministries (CCM) provides CBS graduates with two years of financial support along with microloans in the form of goats, cows, etc. This helps the young preachers become self-supporting in their respective villages. Graduates begin paying back the microloans after three years. These repaid microloans enable CCM to provide microloans to future graduates of CBS.

CBS graduates who learn English can continue their biblical studies and receive a Bachelor’s and even Master’s degree in Bible from Nations University, an online bible university. We hope some of these men grow into the future professors of CBS.

CCM is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donations go directly to supporting the efforts to bless the people of Cambodia.

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