“You are the only ones who teach the Bible and emphasize Jesus.”

97% of Cambodia is Buddhist, 1-2% Muslim, and 1% other(Hindu, Christian, etc.). This presents a great challenge for Christian missionaries. But some missionaries, like Sokhom Hun, see the religious state of Cambodia as a golden opportunity from the Lord to present the love of Jesus and the hope of heaven He provides to the people Sokhom dearly loves.

Throughout the villages of Cambodia (where 70-80% of Cambodians live) there are small groups of believers in Jesus Christ. They have local house church leaders who try to help them grow in their faith; however, they themselves have very limited Bible knowledge, making it difficult for them to teach, and difficult for the people to learn or grow spiritually. Sokhom and other CCM servant-leaders saw this great need and began providing biblical training to village house church leaders in LeaderCare seminars. It began in 2009 with four house church leaders. By 2016 the number of house church leaders receiving biblical teaching from CCM reached 400. Not only does CCM go to village hubs and teach 100+ house church leaders in their provinces, they also transport house church leaders to their facility in Kampong Speu province and teach Bible there. (CBS graduates are also brought in for the Bible seminars.) It is equivalent to an American church leader going to a Bible lectureship, conference, etc. The increase of several seminars per year at the CCM facility will result in many more house church leaders requesting to be a part of our biblical teaching.

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