Caring for orphans and teaching vocational skills

CCM never planned to build an orphanage but has a love for orphan children and a commitment to help them when the Lord puts them in our path. In 2013 CCM OrphanCare began as God providentially placed six orphans in our lap in Kampong Speu province. Since then our OrphanCare ministry has grown every year. Not long after receiving the six orphans in Kampong Speu province a Christian woman from Kampong Leng Island in Kampong Chhnang province called Sokhom to see if she could send some young men to our preacher training school (CBS). Sokhom found out that she had an orphanage, providing care for 38 children. The little support they were receiving was not enough to meet the needs of the children. CCM immediately began helping the children with medicine, food, clothing, bedding, etc. By 2016 the orphan number increased to 70+. We then added a full-time nurse and a full-time school teacher to help meet the needs of the orphans thanks to ChristianWorks for Children in Dallas, Texas.
CCM continues to add orphans from other provinces every year. Additionally, we are adding a vocational component to help the orphans become nurses, teachers, etc. after they graduate from high school.

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