Providing safe water for the the poor in remote villages

Since February 2015 CCM has been drilling wells and providing safe water in villages where we have graduates of our preaching school (CBS) and/or house churches leaders with whom we work. Since most diseases come from polluted water our water well-drilling ministry is extremely important. It works hand in hand with our medical mission trips to help the village peoples’ health. We drill about 6-8 wells per month but have a continuous waiting list over 100 requests. In 2016 we added a hammer drill rig; it enables us to drill through rocky areas west of the capital where they are more susceptible to drought.

CCM always seeks to bless people physically and spiritually, and since we drill wells in villages where we have Christian representation, we also share the “living water” that Jesus provides to those who follow Him by faith.

Most wells can be drilled for $500. Contact CCM to help.

CCM is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donations go directly to supporting the efforts to bless the people of Cambodia.

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