Severe Storm Update

“Never in my life have we had storms and flooding in the month of January like this.” – Sokhom 


The storm hit quickly and rushing waters ran through CCM Center. There was no loss of life at CCM, although a couple of the workers nearly drowned while trying to move cattle to higher ground. CCM’s main buildings were only slightly damaged and major cleanup will help put things back to normal. There are heavy losses in the fishponds as the levees broke in a few spots and fish headed down stream. Nearly all of the coconut trees survived. Fish, frogs, shrimp, coconut trees, etc. are all part of the plan to be more self-supporting in the future.

Please pray for the waters to recede and everything to return to normal so this great ministry can continue.


  1. REPLY
    Rod says

    We have been praying that God replaces it all and continues HIS rich blessings on this work.

  2. REPLY
    Pete says

    Praying and sending a little money.

  3. REPLY
    Ms Jimmy Redwine says

    praying for recovery from your damage. God has blessed this ministry so much since its beginning. I pray He will show you the way out of this trial. May you, Sokum and all the residents there continue to trust God for guidance. We love all of you and we are so thankful for this great ministry.

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