Prayer in School?

One of the greatest honors and privileges in the world for a Christian is to share Jesus with those who do not know Him. This is commonplace in Cambodia where over 90% of the people are Buddhists. Some have heard of Jesus but most know little or nothing about Him!

Here, right next to a Buddhist statue in a high school courtyard, Sokhom, Mike and 300 Cambodians worshiped God and took the Lord’s Supper! Who says there is no prayer in schools! God has given us such a unique opportunity!

CCM is on a mission to share the love of God in Christ everywhere we go as we help people physically and especially spiritually. So many of you have joined us on that mission, but we could always use more help. If you are interested in partnering with us as God continues to grow this ministry, please contact Mike ( or 214-351-3731).


  1. REPLY
    Rod Nealeigh says

    Thank you Sokhom and Mike for your love to the Cambodian people. May God continue to bless you with all you need.

  2. REPLY
    Greg Williams says

    Mike: Wonderful, encouraging post. Thank you.

  3. REPLY
    Janet Walls says

    Such a wonderful work these two are involved in. Thank you.

  4. REPLY
    Randall Dyess says

    Unless I saw it firsthand like the beautiful song says “I can only imagine “. I’ve been blessed to see a small part of it in Cambodia. It is an amazing ministry, only God could bring about the fruit we are witnessing.

  5. REPLY
    Wayne Kruchte says

    Great work Mike. Hard to believe that individuals have not heard of Jesus or any knowledge of him. With the communications we have today they must be totally isolated.
    That has to be a great feeling of expressing the knowledge of our savior with individuals who have never heard and have to have such a hunger. Very touching.

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