Tribute to Dr. Yinh

On January 7, 1979, the Pol Pot Killing Fields’ holocaust came to an end, leaving millions of innocent Cambodians dead. January 7 is a special day of relief in the hearts of Cambodians. On January 7, 2010 another great event occurred – Dr. Yinh was buried with Christ in baptism as he professed his faith in Jesus Christ, accepted Him into his heart as Savior and Lord, and began a life of independence (and dependence) in Christ. Immediately Dr. Yinh began serving Jesus by bonding himself to Sokhom.

Every time Sokhom went to a remote village to help people spiritually, Dr. Yinh demanded to come along so he could help people physically. He became affectionately known as Dr. Gold Needle. On our medical mission trips he would treat patients during lunchtime rather than eat. At night he would treat our team of doctors with gold injections rather than relax. He was a first-class servant of the Lord.

Dr. Yinh had a motorbike accident three years ago and suffered a head injury that ended his medical practice, and recently, Dr. Yinh went home to be with the Lord. We thank God for the rich blessing of knowing the faithful, loving servant of Jesus, Dr. Yinh. This is certainly a case of earth’s loss is heaven’s gain”.





  1. REPLY
    Dana says

    So happy for all those who knew him. I wish I had.

  2. REPLY
    DG says

    It was a privilege to meet Dr Yinh and see him at work in the clinic, on an earlier visit to Phnom Penh.
    He was a leader in serving others and will be missed.

  3. REPLY
    H M Motsinger says

    Thank you for letting me know. I regret never meeting this saint.

  4. REPLY
    Glenna Bell says

    Dr Yinh was a special man of God , a true friend to Sokhom, and a beloved healer for thousands. I was honored to work along side Dr Yinh and to receive treatment from him. He will be greatly missed.

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