Why Medical Mission Trips?

“We went to encourage and pray for the congregation his sick and unable to see the clone. Lord please heal him from all sicknesses in his body.”  This is broken English from one of our Cambodia Bible School alumni and now preacher, Tola. Translation: We want you to pray for the sick in our congregation because we have no doctors or nurses to help.

Cambodia Christian Ministries (CCM) seeks to imitate Jesus by helping the poor both physically and spiritually. In Cambodian villages, sometimes the only options are to get better on your own or die. That is actually what spurred Sokhom and Herman Alexander to start conducting medical missions 15 years ago. An 18 year-old boy died in a remote village when they were there in 2007 because he could not get help.

On January 15, 2024 a team from the US will join medical personnel from Cambodia and from other nations to treat thousands of people! It will be our 15th major medical mission trip into the villages of Cambodia. We also provide funding for those with medical emergencies or who need surgery.

We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the generous individuals and churches who help us bless some of the most precious people to God on the earth. Some of them will be thanking you in heaven one day. God bless you for your Christ-like love.

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