I write this from Cambodia, amazed just like always at the many things God is doing – things I could have never imagined. One of the many precious moments occurred this past Sunday when two of the four new orphans we have taken on were buried with Christ in baptism and raised up to a new life. If only they could fit in my suitcase so some of you could meet them personally! But since that won’t happen, here is a photo of them picking out some of the sweatshirts and jackets supporters gave for them. Their father and mother may have abandoned them and fled to Thailand; however, they have a new Father and a new family in Christ.

It is my hope that in the future some of you will join me in going to this great mission field. Sokhom says hello to all of you. He looks forward to seeing you at our annual CCM Golf Tournament on October 26.

Hope to see you soon! May God bless you and continue to work through us!