In the southeastern corner of Cambodia near the Vietnam border, there are three precious little girls who will melt your heart. Two of them are sisters. Their father passed away and their mother lost their little piece of land. The girls help support the family by picking up plastic bottles and other garbage items they can sell. They earn about 25 cents per day between the three of them. Notice the older girl is wearing a USA jacket.  Clearly someone has been through their area before.

These girls have been at our traveling medical mission clinic a couple of times. We hope to be a blessing to them, along with countless others, and give them hope in Jesus.  We hope, as we show the love of Christ, that one day they will become Christians and we will all be family.

Our major medical mission trip is coming up soon. Contact Mike Meierhofer if you would like to be a blessing to some of the most gracious, grateful, humble, poor people in the world.