This little girl came to one of our CCM workers with a snake in one hand and a bird in the other. Fortunately they were both dead! She was proudly walking around with her plunder and was looking for someone to cook them for her. On the one hand, you have to admire the ingenuity and ability of the poor Cambodians in the villages who know how to make it from day to day. On the other hand, there are so many needs that Christian love can fulfill.

8 years ago, Sokhom answered God’s call to return to Cambodia to take the gospel of Jesus and physically help the poor. So few even know who Jesus is, and the people there are eager to hear! There is so much opportunity to reach the lost with the love of God and help those who are in need. Let’s consider these precious people as our neighbors (Luke 10:25-37) and be a blessing to them.

Contact Mike Meierhofer ( or 214-351-3731) to see how you can help. We’d love to share with you all that God’s doing in Cambodia!