Medical Mission Update

The January Medical Mission Trip performed over 11,000 patient treatments this year!  Even better, there were over 600 students in Bible classes during the trip and 29 people became Christians!  Check out Mike’s update along with pictures and video for more information, and please continue to pray for Sokhom and others doing the Lord’s work in Cambodia.


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The Three Amigas

In the southeastern corner of Cambodia near the Vietnam border, there are three precious little girls who will melt your heart. Two of them are sisters. Their father passed away and their mother lost their little piece of land. The girls help support the family by picking up plastic bottles and other garbage items they can sell. They earn about 25 cents per day between the three of them. Notice the older girl is wearing a USA jacket.  Clearly someone has been through their area before.

These girls have been at our traveling medical mission clinic a couple of times. We hope to be a blessing to them, along with countless others, and give them hope in Jesus.  We hope, as we show the love of Christ, that one day they will become Christians and we will all be family.

Our major medical mission trip is coming up soon. Contact Mike Meierhofer if you would like to be a blessing to some of the most gracious, grateful, humble, poor people in the world.

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Cambodia Update!

Mike got back in from Cambodia just last week.  Check out his report and see not only the good work and loving service being done but the new brothers and sisters who have accepted the gospel of Jesus!  No surprise… God continues to do amazing things there!


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Good News from the Field

I write this from Cambodia, amazed just like always at the many things God is doing – things I could have never imagined. One of the many precious moments occurred this past Sunday when two of the four new orphans we have taken on were buried with Christ in baptism and raised up to a new life. If only they could fit in my suitcase so some of you could meet them personally! But since that won’t happen, here is a photo of them picking out some of the sweatshirts and jackets supporters gave for them. Their father and mother may have abandoned them and fled to Thailand; however, they have a new Father and a new family in Christ.

It is my hope that in the future some of you will join me in going to this great mission field. Sokhom says hello to all of you. He looks forward to seeing you at our annual CCM Golf Tournament on October 26.

Hope to see you soon! May God bless you and continue to work through us!

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Tribute to Dr. Yinh

On January 7, 1979, the Pol Pot Killing Fields’ holocaust came to an end, leaving millions of innocent Cambodians dead. January 7 is a special day of relief in the hearts of Cambodians. On January 7, 2010 another great event occurred – Dr. Yinh was buried with Christ in baptism as he professed his faith in Jesus Christ, accepted Him into his heart as Savior and Lord, and began a life of independence (and dependence) in Christ. Immediately Dr. Yinh began serving Jesus by bonding himself to Sokhom.

Every time Sokhom went to a remote village to help people spiritually, Dr. Yinh demanded to come along so he could help people physically. He became affectionately known as Dr. Gold Needle. On our medical mission trips he would treat patients during lunchtime rather than eat. At night he would treat our team of doctors with gold injections rather than relax. He was a first-class servant of the Lord.

Dr. Yinh had a motorbike accident three years ago and suffered a head injury that ended his medical practice, and recently, Dr. Yinh went home to be with the Lord. We thank God for the rich blessing of knowing the faithful, loving servant of Jesus, Dr. Yinh. This is certainly a case of earth’s loss is heaven’s gain”.




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See and Hear the All New and Improved SOKHOM

Not really!  He is still the same loving, humble servant of the Lord we know and love. But Sokhom will be speaking this coming Sunday, April 23, at the Walnut Hill Church of Christ in Dallas, TX, where he will be honored for his labors for the Lord in Cambodia. If you are close to Dallas or you can make the trip, everyone is invited to attend.


8 – 9 am – Donuts and coffee with Sokhom
9 – 10 – Sokhom will teach Bible class
10 – 11 – Worship (Mike will preach)
11 – 12:30 – Recognition of Sokhom and Luncheon

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For Tola So Loved His Mother

Once, while serving at Cambodia Bible School (CBS), helping the preaching students hone their public teaching and preaching skills, we worked on sermon illustrations. One of our students, Tola, said he had an illustration for John 3:16. He then proceeded to tell us that a few years ago his mother had a serious heart condition and would likely need a heart transplant. He said he offered to give her his heart. I asked him if he knew where that would leave him and he said, “Yes, I would die”.  If you look closely at Tola’s photo you will see that he has had his own heart problems that required open heart surgery.

What an amazing young man! What great love for his mother! What a powerful demonstration of his future success as a servant of the Lord in ministry. Tola has since graduated and is sharing Jesus as a young house church leader in his village.

For more information about Sokhom, CCM, and what God is doing in Cambodia, visit our website at or e-mail Mike at

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All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

We met this precious little girl on a remote island in Cambodia. She is extra special to the Lord because
she is an orphan and we know how God feels about orphans, pleading on their behalf (Deuteronomy 10:18; Psalm 68:5). He also commands us to take care of the fatherless (Isaiah 1:17).

One of the good works of Cambodia Christian Ministries is to help orphans. We minister directly to them
as we travel on medical mission trips. Our three fulltime doctors also travel to the villages and treat their needs. Additionally we provide monthly support to them, thanks to generous givers with hearts of

If you would like to bless some of these beautiful Cambodia children, please contact Mike Meierhofer, or 214-351-3731.

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